LifestyleShe gave birth on a plane to France, witnessed by all passengers

She gave birth on a plane to France, witnessed by all passengers

The birth on board was immortalized by the passengers.
The birth on board was immortalized by the passengers.
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8:19 PM EST, November 22, 2023

A passenger on a Pegasus Airlines flight to Marseille, France, was unexpectedly coaxed off the plane before take-off. The cause? She suddenly went into labor and gave birth on board.

This flight from Istanbul to Marseille won't be easily forgotten by the passengers. Onboard, a woman welcomed a new life into the world just before takeoff. The entire event unfolded before the watchful eyes of everyone present.

A birth takes place on board

This gripping occurrence quickly made its way to social media. Videos depict passengers craning their necks, eager to glimpse the unfolding dramatic scene.

"Yes!" they excitedly cheered, applauding the prompt arrival of medical rescuers who boarded the plane at Sabiha Gokcen International Airport to assist the new mother.

Reports suggest that the pregnant woman had started experiencing intense labor pains as the aircrew made final preparations for take-off.

The flight attendants promptly administered first aid to the woman and moved her to the back of the plane to deliver her baby. As seen in the video, a medical professional was filmed carrying the newborn, swaddled in blankets, off the plane.

The baby was then transported to a nearby hospital by ambulance.

Regulations regarding air travel during pregnancy

Women with uncomplicated pregnancies can travel up to the 32nd week without having to produce a medical certificate.

According to the LOT airlines' policy, "a doctor's medical certificate, valid for 14 days, is required from the 33rd week onwards". In addition, for multiple or high-risk pregnancies, a MEDIF form is mandatory, regardless of the gestational week.

Data from MedAire shows that mid-air births occur in about one out of 26 million passengers.

High-altitude births

Last October, 21-year-old Kendria Rhoden gave birth to a boy during an American Airlines flight from New York to the Dominican Republic.

In December, another woman—who reportedly didn't know she was pregnant—gave birth on a flight from Ecuador to Spain. In honor of a helpful co-passenger, she named the child Maximiliano.

Woman gives birth on airplane as shocked passengers gawk

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