LifestyleShe decorates Christmas trees for money in England. This is how much she earns

She decorates Christmas trees for money in England. This is how much she earns

He decorates Christmas trees for money.
He decorates Christmas trees for money.
Images source: © Facebook, Janine Ralph

3:11 PM EST, November 18, 2023

Janine Ralph has created a unique profession for herself as a Christmas tree decorator, generating immense interest. She is fully booked for the holiday season of 2023 and is no longer accepting clients. In a recent interview with a foreign portal, she revealed her expected earnings for the upcoming Christmas.

Decorating a Christmas tree is a cherished, annual tradition for most people, spreading holiday cheer. However, when time is scarce or there's a desire for an extravagantly decorated tree, some opt for professional tree decorators.

Janine Ralph's decorated trees are nothing short of exceptional, offering more than mere baubles, chains, and fairy lights. One might think, "A professional Christmas tree decorator? What an unheard trend! A job invented out of thin air." However, no business is too strange if there is a demand for it. A British woman, Janine Ralph, finds herself engulfed with client requests she can barely keep up with.

Unique profession becomes a hit

Residing in Bristol, Janine Ralph has always held a passion for interior decoration. As reported by The Sun, she decided to turn her passion into a source of income last year, backed by her friends' encouragement. Advertising herself as a Christmas tree decorator on Facebook, she was overwhelmed by the massive interest shown, filling her inbox with inquiries.

Last year, she made 300 pounds (approximately $395) from her services. This year, she started advertising in July, and some clients immediately made reservations. Being the first to book has its merits, and Janine's services are in high demand.

What are her earnings from decorating Christmas trees?

By mid-November, Janine's calendar is already filled. She has 27 clients scheduled and forecasts to earn between 1,500 and 2,000 pounds (in conversion, $1,975-$2,635). The cost of decorating a standard, 6.6-foot Christmas tree starts at 40 pounds ($53), although prices vary based on individual preferences and other factors.

While Janine sees decorating Christmas trees as a supplemental income source (after all, it's not an all-year-round job), she values this extra income, which, as she confesses, fully covers her family's Christmas expenses.

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