LifestyleShe bought a "Pomeranian." Look what the $50 dog morphed into

She bought a "Pomeranian." Look what the $50 dog morphed into

He occasionally sold her a Pomeranian puppy.
He occasionally sold her a Pomeranian puppy.
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10:09 AM EST, November 14, 2023

Well-known influencer Shannon Hamilton aimed to save money. She purchased a "Pomeranian" for just $50, but soon realized she had been conned. As the dog grew, it bore no resemblance to its supposed breed, leaving many netizens commenting, "It looks more like a wolf or husky."

The Pomeranian's dainty stature and distinctive beauty make it an engaging companion. However, despite its resemblance to a cuddly mascot, it's necessary to remember that a Pomeranian is an alert and active breed that requires plenty of attention.

Although small in size, Pomeranians can be expensive, especially from a reputable breeder. Prices range from a minimum of four to over ten thousand zlotys (approximately $1000-$2500).

Shannon Hamilton tried to take a cheaper route but quickly realized this led to an unwanted outcome. As her puppy grew, it changed almost beyond recognition.

A "Pomeranian" That Turned Out to Be a Wolf?

Shannon Hamilton decided to share her peculiar journey. She had a long-standing wish to own a Pomeranian, but puppies of this breed aren't typically cheap.

During a trip to the Mexican border, she met a dog seller who introduced her to several puppies, purportedly Pomeranians. One of them caught her eye, so she paid the low price of $50 for it, believing she had struck a fantastic bargain.

Though charming and adorable like any puppy, the black and white pup did not raise any suspicion initially. However, with each passing month, Shannon grew increasingly aware that she may have been duped.

Her real surprise came when the puppy began growing more than she could have anticipated.

A Wolf or Perhaps a Husky?

It wasn't long before Shannon's "Pomeranian" began resembling a wolf. More than a few internet users suggested the possibility of her dog being a husky.

Pomerania started to resemble a wolf or a husky.
Pomerania started to resemble a wolf or a husky.© TikTok

Shannon's amusing tale has been viewed by millions on TikTok, and now she aims to caution others against similar blunders.

Keep in mind that choosing a dog requires careful thought. Try and purchase puppies only from verified breeders or consider adopting from an animal shelter.

Regrettably, the third most profitable illegal business is the illegal animal trade, surpassed only by organized drug and arms trafficking. Therefore, it's crucial to verify the breeder's credentials.

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