NewsShark attack in Mexico results in tragic fatality

Shark attack in Mexico results in tragic fatality

Shark attack in Mexico
Shark attack in Mexico
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10:42 AM EST, December 4, 2023

A tragic incident was reported by the Mexican authorities near the coastal town of Melaque. A 26-year-old woman was subject to a fatal shark attack on Sunday morning. The shark bit off a piece of the woman's leg, and despite urgent medical attention, the woman could not be saved.

Rafael Araiza, head of the local civil defense office, said that the attack occurred on Saturday near the beach in Melaque, situated west of the bustling seaport of Manzanillo.

Unfortunate Shark Attack Claims Life of Woman

The woman was swimming with her 5-year-old daughter towards a floating play platform only 27 yards from the shore when the calamity struck. The authorities reported, "As she tried to lift her child onto the floating platform, a shark attacked her."

Melaque and Barra de Navidad Beaches Closed by Authorities

Fortunately, the daughter remained unharmed. Despite the swift response of rescuers, the woman, unfortunately, succumbed to blood loss due to an extensive wound in the hip area. The local authorities have responded by closing the beaches in Melaque and Barra de Navidad.

Shark attacks are an infrequent occurrence in Mexico. To illustrate, in 2019, a US diver survived a shark bite to the forearm in the Magdalena Bay off the Baja California Sur coastline.

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