LifestyleShannen Doherty debunks cheating rumors amid cancer battle and impending divorce

Shannen Doherty debunks cheating rumors amid cancer battle and impending divorce

Shannen Doherty discussed the issue of her marriage.
Shannen Doherty discussed the issue of her marriage.
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1:21 PM EST, December 16, 2023

Known for her roles in favorite television productions such as "Beverly Hills 90210" and "Charmed," Doherty has been grappling with breast cancer for several years. She frequently shares her experiences with her condition in the media and actively engages with her followers on her Instagram profile.

Doherty addresses divorce, appeals to 'friends'

In a recent social media post, Doherty discussed her personal life situation. It's worth mentioning that in April of the current year, Doherty declared her intention to divorce. Following an 11-year marriage to Kurt Iswarienko, the decision to part ways was confirmed by her spokesperson.

Addressing the news about her separation from her third spouse, expected to be featured in the pages of the online tabloid "TMZ," the actress has made a statement. Reporting on an alarming message she received regarding this coverage, she chose to make it public via Instagram.

Upholding her belief in being truthful, Doherty clarified, "The truth matters. I just intercepted a disconcerting phone call revealing TMZ's intention to run a story about me. This narrative allegedly emerged from my soon-to-be ex-husband's friends who insinuated that my husband had confessed about an affair, and that we were in an open marriage, two years ago. This is categorically untrue."

Doherty further commented, "Regarding my marriage and my romantic affairs, I will elaborate further soon. TMZ needs to exercise due diligence in its coverage. And to the 'friends' who sought to publicize this story, it may be fearful to confront the truth, but believe me, attempting to evade it with lies is a futile experiment."

The divorce, cancer battle nexus

Kurt Iswarienko is Doherty's third spouse, with whom she had tied the knot in 2011. Her first two marriages were with Ashley Hamilton and Rick Salomon. Notably, Iswarienko offered his support to Doherty when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015.

Despite triumphing over her initial battle, she received a crushing diagnosis in early 2023 – Stage 4 breast cancer, metastasizing to her bones and brain. Undeterred by the prognosis, Doherty has remained steadfast, undergoing surgery for her brain tumor followed by further radiation.

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