News"Shameful methods" in Gaza. President of Turkey did not hold his tongue

"Shameful methods" in Gaza. President of Turkey did not hold his tongue

"Shameful methods" in Gaza. President of Turkey did not hold his tongue
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5:35 PM EDT, October 12, 2023

Israel is not behaving like a state in the Gaza Strip, and the methods used there by Tel Aviv are disgraceful - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan assessed on Wednesday, referring to the operation of the Israeli army in Gaza.

- Israel should not forget that if it behaves more like an organization than a state, it will ultimately be treated as such - emphasized the President of Turkey. He also announced an intensification of Turkish attacks on the targets of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in Iraq and Syria.

Scandalous voice from Turkey

Earlier on Wednesday, Israeli media reported on a scandalous comment, according to Tel Aviv's assessment, by the Turkish Deputy Minister of Education Nazif Yilmaz, who strongly reacted to a recording posted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on platform X, showing Israeli firing at the Gaza Strip.

"One day you will also be shot. You will die" - wrote Yilmaz, referring to the head of the Israeli government.

The death toll of the war is increasing

On October 7 in the early morning hours, Israel was unexpectedly attacked from the Gaza Strip by the Palestinian Hamas. The strike resulted in the highest number of fatal casualties among Israelis since 1973, when the Jewish state fought a war with the Syrian-Egyptian coalition. In the conflict that has been ongoing for four days, about 1,200 Israeli citizens and over 1,000 residents of the Gaza Strip have already died.

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