TechShake it up: the overlooked iPhone feature enhancing your user experience

Shake it up: the overlooked iPhone feature enhancing your user experience

iPhone 15
iPhone 15
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3:52 PM EST, December 26, 2023

With the consistent rollout of new smartphone models and operating system updates, users may find themselves swamped with an assortment of new features and improvements. The makers of these devices are ceaselessly working towards creating fresh solutions intended to simplify phone usage. However, even the most basic functions sometimes go unnoticed due to users being uninformed about their existence.

Apple Inc., synonymous with pioneering solutions, has devised an engaging feature for its ardent user base. Surprisingly, iPhones are designed to respond not only to screen touch but also to physical movement. So, while typing on these smartphones, all one has to do is give it a shake.

So, what happens once you shake your iPhone? A prompt message pops up on the screen, asking the user if they wish to undo the typed phrase or sentence. However, confirming the decision requires a traditional screen click.

The scenario is slightly more complex for Android system phones, where the availability of this feature varies depending on the device manufacturer. For instance, Motorola smartphones have a system in which a phone shake triggers the flashlight and launches the camera. For those without this built-in functionality, the Shake Me app can fill the void.

An intriguing fact is that numerous applications also make use of the shake phone function. This feature is often used to report errors in popular apps like Microsoft Office, Facebook, and Google Maps. Instagram has also recently adopted this innovative solution.

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