LifestyleSex, drugs, and alcohol: a European city battles negative tourism

Sex, drugs, and alcohol: a European city battles negative tourism

The red light district is a place where alcohol and drugs mix particularly often.
The red light district is a place where alcohol and drugs mix particularly often.
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10:49 AM EST, November 30, 2023, updated: 11:00 AM EST, November 30, 2023

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is growing weary of thrill-seeking tourists. Its authorities are launching yet another campaign to dissuade party-goers from flocking to their city.

Each year, the Netherlands plays host to throngs of young tourists. The majority are not interested in admiring tulip fields or unique architecture. They have a more decadent agenda, often involving alcohol and drugs.

Amsterdam Wants to Discourage Party Tourism

Amsterdam's city authorities are running out of patience with adventure-seeking tourists. In early April of this year, the Amsterdam city office launched a campaign directed at the British market, to dishearten tourists interested in sex, drugs, and alcohol. "We're aiming to diminish the image of Amsterdam as a place for unchecked revelry," stated the capital councilor, Sofyan Mbarki, in an interview with the "De Telegraaf".

The initiative involved foreboding advertisements targeted at those wishing to book accommodations in Amsterdam, outlining potential risks and ramifications of such reckless behavior, specifically excessive drug and alcohol usage. This included potential fines, arrests, and health complications. The campaign specifically targeted British tourists aged 18 to 35.

Second Phase of the Campaign Launches

The second round of the "Stay Away" campaign is set to launch, this time targeting young Dutch natives. As announced by the Amsterdam authorities, their aim is to discourage rowdy behavior not only from tourists but also from local residents who are known for partying.

"Our objective is to manage the particularly troublesome guests," reads the city office's statement. Although the authorities have disclosed their plans to roll out the initiative this year, it's still unclear as to how it will be implemented. "The campaign is currently underway," states an update on Amsterdam's official website.

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