LifestyleSex after 50. Not many know a solution that comes as a rescue

Sex after 50. Not many know a solution that comes as a rescue

Sex after 50. For many it's a second "honeymoon" / illustrative picture
Sex after 50. For many it's a second "honeymoon" / illustrative picture
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7:46 AM EDT, October 19, 2023

On October 18, we celebrate World Menopause and Andropause Day. Although this time is difficult for many women and men, there are ways that can not only make it easier, but also make the couple experience a second "honeymoon".

Vaginal dryness, hot flashes, insomnia, and weight gain. These are just a few of the symptoms that often occur during menopause. Most of them make sexual relations difficult and effectively discourage intimacy. However, it is worth seeing a specialist doctor who will implement a procedure tailored to the type of problem.

What to do to enjoy sex after the age of 50?

What can you do to enjoy sex after the age of 50? You can use, among others, lubricants, which are various kinds of gels that make intercourse non-painful (which can be an issue with vaginal dryness, for example). Women can use vaginal moisturizing gels, which when used two or three times a week will help maintain lasting moisturization.

If the main problem is symptoms associated with menopause (e.g. hot flashes), it is worth consulting with a specialist about the use of HRT, or hormone replacement therapy, which in the vast majority of cases brings rapid improvement in quality of life.

Second "honeymoon month"

However, let's not forget that the most important thing is a sincere conversation. Sex is a very important element of a partnership or marital relationship, which is why partners should regularly share their fears, problems, and desires.

According to experts, the better a couple understands their needs, the better they will be able to satisfy them mutually. In this way, marriages over the age of 50 can enjoy a beautiful time in life, referred to by some as the second "honeymoon period". The lack of fear of becoming pregnant can be liberating for many women and can contribute to a significant improvement in sexual life.

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