NewsSerious warning. Iran threatens intervention

Serious warning. Iran threatens intervention

Israeli-Palestinian war
Israeli-Palestinian war
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12:20 PM EDT, October 15, 2023

Iran has sent a message to Israel through the UN, emphasizing that it does not want a further escalation of the Hamas-Israel war, but it will have to intervene if the Israeli operation in Gaza continues.

Palestinian doctor Ghassan Abu Sittah believes that a healthcare disaster is approaching in the Gaza Strip. Hospitals are besieged by refugees seeking shelter, there is a lack of personnel, there are no medicines and there are hundreds of injured who cannot be helped - he wrote on platform X, the former Twitter.

The final deadline for the evacuation of Palestinians from the northern part of the Gaza Strip has passed. The Israeli authorities have extended the deadline, giving people time to flee until 9 AM Eastern Time. Over a million people were ordered to leave through two safe corridors ahead of the anticipated Israeli ground attack on Hamas.

Over 1300 people were killed as a result of a Hamas attack on Israel seven days ago. More than 2200 people were killed as a result of Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip.

Iran warns

"I have no doubt at this moment that Israel will not slow down the pace of war and will invade" - assesses journalist Jaroslaw Kociszewski.

"I have the impression that the risk of war spilling over is increasing day by day and it's not about 'minor incidents', such as the shelling of the Golan Heights from Syria and the Israeli artillery response or even artillery exchanges across the Lebanese border, but about a real escalation with subsequent state players" - he wrote.

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