NewsSenate Halts Aid to Ukraine, European Response in Question

Senate Halts Aid to Ukraine, European Response in Question

Ukrainian soldiers
Ukrainian soldiers
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8:21 AM EST, December 7, 2023

The Senate has rejected a financial aid package for Ukraine, raising questions about Europe's subsequent actions. Will they escalate their support for Kiev in response? "This should not be taken for granted," suggests Swedish analyst Björn Fägersten.

The proposed bill, which included $61 billion in aid for Ukraine, failed to secure a sufficient majority in the Senate for further progress. All Republicans rejected the package as it did not encompass a comprehensive tightening of immigration policy.

Will Europe step up its support for Ukraine?

In the wake of the USA's withdrawal, will Europe amplify its support for the beleaguered Kiev? The Swedish analyst weighs in on the question.

"European countries have the capacity to enhance their financial and military support for Ukraine. Much depends on how they gauge potential threats," assesses Björn Fägersten of the Foreign Policy Institute.

As per Fägersten, there could be a scenario whereby EU countries band together to "compensate" Ukraine for the shortfall of the promised support from the US. However, he also notes that it is very probable that Europe might just follow the lead.

"The European Commission and several European countries have pledged substantial support to Ukraine. For example, Sweden along with other Nordic countries is reported to be donating, among other things, artillery ammunition. A few countries are even dispatching F-16 planes. However, it doesn't seem likely that the objective of delivering a total of a million artillery missiles by the spring will be achieved," comments "Aftonbladet".

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