EntertainmentSeinfeld's" star Peter Crombie passes away at 71 after a brief illness

Seinfeld's" star Peter Crombie passes away at 71 after a brief illness

Peter Crombie is dead.
Peter Crombie is dead.
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11:21 AM EST, January 13, 2024

Peter Crombie starred in films such as "Born on the Fourth of July," "The Doors," "Natural Born Killers," and "Seven". However, his most renowned role was "Crazy Joe," who frequently terrorized Jerry Seinfeld on the sitcom "Seinfeld"

The 71-year-old actor's death, due to a brief illness, was shared by his former partner.

With profound shock and deep sadness, I let you know that my ex-husband passed away this morning. I express deep gratitude for all the wonderful memories and for him being such a good person. Peter, may your soul journey freely towards the infinite light. May your parents and Oliver welcome you with love - stated the actor’s ex-wife Nadine Kijner on Instagram as she shared their wedding photos.

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