LifestyleSee and believe: How spotting illusions on TikTok may reveal your personality traits

See and believe: How spotting illusions on TikTok may reveal your personality traits

What do you see in the picture?
What do you see in the picture?
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4:31 AM EST, January 28, 2024

Optical illusions coupled with personality tests are common on the internet, serving as a fun activity for users. Does this imply that these results hold a degree of truth? According to a particular TikToker, this could be the case. Mia Yilin often posts captivating optical illusion pictures on her profile, explaining in her comments what each image might convey about the viewers' personalities. Numerous comments agree that her interpretations 'hit the mark'.

'Brain' or 'Hands' Illusion: What it may reveal about you

Yilin explains: "If your eyes immediately gravitate towards the hands, you are likely a deeply trusting person. You don't usually harbor negative thoughts about others and often tend to forgive even those who may have hurt you. However, if someone disrespects your family or takes undue credit for your hard work, you will hold a grudge for the rest of your life."

She adds, "Meanwhile, if you spotted the brain first, you are most likely a highly logical individual with outstanding intuition. You usually know when people are up to something behind your back. Yet, you often choose not to confront them, enjoying their hidden scheming."

Beneath the video, there is a flood of comments. Many netizens agree with Yilin's interpretations. As it turns out, most viewers spotted either the brain or the hands first, while a few noticed both simultaneously. One user commented, "I saw the hands and the brain simultaneously, so I guess I possess a bit of both traits, which is actually accurate."

What do you spot first?

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