LifestyleSecret to poreless, flawless skin: This DIY aspirin mask could change your skincare game

Secret to poreless, flawless skin: This DIY aspirin mask could change your skincare game

How to get rid of enlarged pores?
How to get rid of enlarged pores?
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4:14 PM EST, December 18, 2023

Are you struggling with pimple-prone skin? We're not talking about charming freckles or distinctive moles here, but rather enlarged pores. These microscopic "holes" are most visible in the T-zone and on your cheeks and can literally and figuratively sink into the skin, disrupting its smooth appearance. So, how can we reduce the visibility of enlarged pores and achieve skin without imperfections?

Understanding enlarged pores

Pores are the openings of hair follicles and are a natural part of our skin's structure. While it's impossible to eliminate them, their visibility can be minimized with regular skincare tailored to your specific skin type.

Reasons for increased pore visibility

Enlarged pores become more conspicuous due to various factors, such as skin care routines that don't match your skin's needs or excessive sun exposure. Hormonal imbalances, loss of collagen associated with skin aging, pharmacological factors, and genetics also significantly contribute.

Caring for skin with enlarged pores

Skin with enlarged pores requires deep cleansing twice daily. In the morning, apply a cleansing product, followed by a toner to restore the skin's natural pH. The next step is to apply a moisturizing cream and sunblock, especially crucial for skin prone to visible pores.

In the evening, thorough makeup removal, application of a cleansing product, toning, and moisturizing should take place. Proper hydration of the skin is particularly crucial for those with enlarged pores. Dehydrated skin independently produces more sebum to moisturize itself, which triggers the sebaceous glands to work overtime.

Homemade remedies for enlarged pores

Beyond commercial cosmetics designed to combat enlarged pores, it's beneficial to incorporate some rituals into your daily skincare routine to improve the condition of blemished skin.

Washing your face with cold water, as well as massaging your face with an ice cube, can help reduce the visibility of enlarged pores. It's worth trying a home mask with aspirin, too. Simply dissolve four aspirin tablets in a teaspoon of water and apply the resulting paste to the problematic area of your face. Leave this for 20 minutes before cleansing your face with lukewarm water and applying a moisturizing cream.

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