NewsSecret plan for Gaza's future devised by Netanyahu-linked businessmen: Involves military rule, international Arab coalition, and independent Palestine

Secret plan for Gaza's future devised by Netanyahu-linked businessmen: Involves military rule, international Arab coalition, and independent Palestine

Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip
Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip
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8:20 AM EST, January 31, 2024, updated: 4:36 AM EST, March 7, 2024

The plan's initial stage involves the formation of an Israeli military government in the Gaza Strip. This interim government would aim to manage the civilian population and supervise the distribution of humanitarian aid.

Simultaneously, the plan proposes creating an international Arab coalition featuring countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and others. This coalition would form part of a more comprehensive regional normalization agreement to support the creation of a "new Palestinian Autonomy".

At the end of this phase, governance of Gaza would be handed over to Palestinian officials who have no association with the terrorist group Hamas, which has governed the Strip since 2006, or with the West Bank-controlled Palestinian Autonomy. While the Israeli military administration would end its operations, Israel would retain the right to perform security operations in the Gaza Strip to combat terrorism or terror infrastructure.

The subsequent stage of the plan, which is dependent on stabilizing Gaza and the success of the "new Palestinian Autonomy," involves large-scale reforms in the West Bank. The main goal would be to enhance the administrative efficiency, revise educational programs, and counteract terrorism.

If this stage is successful, which according to the plan's creators would take between two to four years, Israel would recognize the Palestinian state in the territories of the Palestinian Autonomy and explore the possibility of providing it with additional lands that wouldn't necessitate resettlement.

Plan devised by a "group of businessmen"

This plan, created by a "group of businessmen" in Israel, has been shared with high-ranking individuals in the US administration according to the "Jerusalem Post". The newspaper identifies this plan as a Prime Minister Netanyahu's "trial balloon", aligning with the overall American vision of the order in the Middle East, including the Gaza Strip, Palestinian Autonomy, and Saudi Arabia.

The "Jerusalem Post" emphasizes that the outlined plan is just one of several alternative solutions currently under development in Israel by various institutions.

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