NewsScotswoman's fishy bedroom smell uncovers a shocking fire hazard

Scotswoman's fishy bedroom smell uncovers a shocking fire hazard

She had no idea what was causing the bad smell (illustrative photo)
She had no idea what was causing the bad smell (illustrative photo)
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3:16 AM EDT, April 8, 2024

For a long time, Claudia's bedroom was plagued by an unbearable smell of fish. The Scotswoman initially underestimated the severity of the situation. Now, she's eager to share her experience. "I literally would never, ever have guessed that that is what that is…ever," she recalls, acknowledging her fortune.

Claudia Anderson revealed that an unpleasant fishy odor lingered in her bedroom for several weeks. At first, she dismissed this worrying sign, thinking it might be a peculiar, embarrassing issue. Yet, as time passed, she decided to get to the bottom of it, a decision that possibly saved her life.

Unraveling the mystery of the rotten fish odor

Ashamed and unsure of the odor's origin, Claudia initially hesitated to seek help. She speculated that the source might be related to the plumbing.
After discussing it with her husband, they started their investigation in the bathroom.
"We checked everything: the sink trap was cleaned thoroughly, the toilet was scrubbed, and even the shower drain was cleared," Claudia recounted.
But the persistent smell suggested that they needed to look elsewhere for the source.

A hidden hazard

Growing concerned, Claudia then spoke with her brother-in-law, who is an electrician. He suggested that the cause might be electrical wires, explaining that melting plastic could emit a similar fishy scent.

His hypothesis turned out to be accurate. A thorough inspection uncovered a faulty socket that had short-circuited.

Claudia realized that what began as mere discomfort from the smell could have escalated into a deadly fire hazard, with overheating cables and melting plastic posing a real risk of tragedy.

"Look at that. That is terrifying! We were so, so lucky that we caught that before that burst into flames," she expressed.

Now, Claudia advises others not to ignore such signs. "Fishy smell in your bedroom? CALL AN ELECTRICIAN!!!" she warns.

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