NewsScantily clad scandal: Russian TV host's "Almost Naked Party" sparks public outrage

Scantily clad scandal: Russian TV host's "Almost Naked Party" sparks public outrage

The organizer of the event, Nastija Iwljejewa.
The organizer of the event, Nastija Iwljejewa.
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10:46 AM EST, December 28, 2023

The "Almost Naked Party" in Russia became a topic of heated discussion when photos and videos from the event emerged online. This unusual event stands in stark contrast to the war that Russia is being called upon to fight in the name of traditional values. The outrage wasn't confined to Russian politicians and elites, but extended to ordinary citizens as well.

Outrage among Russians

The "Almost Naked Party" took place on December 20 at one of the Moscow nightclubs - Mutabor. Though the event was private, it quickly became a hot topic across the country. As indicated by its name, participants were encouraged to wear minimal clothing. Russian rapper Vacio turned heads by arriving dressed only in shoes and a sock covering his private parts.

Celebrities who attended the "Almost Naked Party" have come under heavy criticism. The fallout has already started to set in. The scantily clad rapper was arrested and found himself facing a fine. He wasn't the only one to face financial repercussions. Companies terminated contracts with their cooperating stars, and party participants were also removed from New Year's programs.

Online furore

Participants at the party painted a target on their backs for the general public, who took to Instagram to express their outrage. Their comments were seen under the photos posted by the organizer.

"How can you not be ashamed! As a media personality, you should set an example for the young generation... You're displaying filth and lust!," wrote one internet user. "Our husbands and brothers are fighting in the mud and cold! We're collecting humanitarian aid and supporting the army! I wish you and your party guests would leave the country! What a shame!," concluded her lengthy comment.

"This is not Europe! Most of the population here values decency! And these antics will not end well for you! You'll have to leave the country," commented another user.

"Disgusting and shameful. Just when you think the party hit rock bottom, they're still knocking from the bottom," chimed in another commenter.

The internet was also flooded with a slew of comments like "Shame", "Such immoral disgrace", "I sincerely hope their careers are over" and "Adultery. Depravity. Drugs".

However, not all responses were negative. Some defended the celebrities' behaviour, saying, "Bravo, you're having fun in such a tough world", "People, mind your own business", "Wonderful", and "we're all human, celebrities included. Let them relax how they want".

Nastija Ivljeva, the organizer of the party, expressed her regret over the uproar: "They say that Russia knows how to forgive. If that's true, I'd like to ask the nation for a second chance. If the answer is 'no', I'm ready for public execution. I won't hesitate. I'm prepared for any outcome," she stated, as reported by the BBC.

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