LifestyleSay goodbye to stains. How cola and vinegar revive paving stones

Say goodbye to stains. How cola and vinegar revive paving stones

paving stones
paving stones
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4:44 PM EDT, April 3, 2024

Cleaning paved stones after enduring a long winter can be daunting. Returning them to their pristine condition doesn't have to be a Herculean task. It's all about knowing the right techniques; the most effective cleaning solution might take you by surprise.

The onset of spring usually signals the time to spruce up our household surroundings. This includes taking care of the driveway and any paths or walkways paved with tiles or stones, aiming to eliminate all the dirt, moss, and stains accumulated over the harsh winter months. Such tasks are challenging, which is why tackling them smartly is beneficial, aiming for the best results with the least effort.

How to clean paving stones? Slowly and with a deliberate strategy

Starting with the basics, it's important to clear the paving stones of any leaves, branches, and debris. A leaf blower is ideal for this, but a simple broom can also do the job efficiently. Following this, the stones should be washed with water using a garden hose to moisten the surface and loosen any superficial dirt.
While special detergents designed for this purpose are available in stores, spending on these isn't always necessary. As it turns out, the most effective cleaning solutions can likely be found within your home.

Home remedies lead the way – And they're right in your kitchen

Our kitchens harbor many effective cleaning agents for various surfaces. A mixture of vinegar and water, in a 1:2 ratio, proves to be a powerful enemy against paving stone stains. Applying this mixture and waiting for a while can make moss or greasy traces vanish.

For particularly stubborn stains, using undiluted vinegar is an option, provided there are no plants in the vicinity, as vinegar can harm them. Yet vinegar isn't the only trick in the book. There's another household item, surprisingly tasty, that can tackle stains even more adeptly.

Not just for quenching your thirst: Cola is excellent for removing stains

Cola, a universally beloved beverage, doesn't just tantalize your taste buds; it also contains phosphoric acid, making it a formidable stain remover. Applying the beverage evenly across the paving stones and allowing it to sit for 10-15 minutes can dissolve even the most stubborn stains. After it has done its job, a thorough scrub followed by rinsing will leave your pavement looking as good as new.
After the stones are clean and dry, consider applying a professional impregnant to shield the surface from future soiling. This precaution can simplify maintenance tasks down the line.
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