LifestyleSay goodbye to salt stains on shoes with this bread crust trick

Say goodbye to salt stains on shoes with this bread crust trick

Home method for cleaning shoes. Stains will disappear in no time.
Home method for cleaning shoes. Stains will disappear in no time.
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12:03 PM EST, November 30, 2023

You can put that specialty shoe cleaner back on the shelf. There's a simple, effective way to erase those pesky white salt lines that appear on shoes in icy conditions. The solution? Look no further than your bread bin.

It's that season again, when everyone is turning to the internet for solutions to foggy glasses, slippery soles, and unsightly salt stains. While the salt used on sidewalks helps us stroll safely to the store or bus stop, it leaves ugly traces and can damage materials. To finish winter with shoes that can still serve another year, take care of them using a piece of bread crust.

Removing salt from shoes: a simple guide

Suede or smooth leather shoes are gorgeous and, with the right lining, offer maximum thermal comfort during winter. However, preserving their perfect appearance means going beyond waterproofing. Shoes also need to be cleaned each time they come home with a white streak or stain.

This mark is a reminder of the salt used to melt ice, protecting pedestrians from slips and falls. Removing it is simple: all you need is a piece of bread crust, preferably with a soft inside.

The tried-and-true method of shoe care: bread

Using the bread crust, gently rub the white streak on the shoe to absorb the salt. Be sure to use a piece of crust that is not too hard, but only slightly stale. In this condition, it optimally demonstrates its absorption properties.

Salt stains set in? Here's how to get them out

If the shoes have already dried and a noticeable stain has set in, make use of slightly warmed milk. Soak a cloth in it and scrub the shoe until the stain lifts. Follow this with a gentle rinse, and voilà – no trace of salt remains.

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