LifestyleSay goodbye to grease splatter: Your guide to flawless fish frying this holiday season

Say goodbye to grease splatter: Your guide to flawless fish frying this holiday season

A brilliant way to fry fish
A brilliant way to fry fish
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9:39 AM EST, December 23, 2023

With the holiday season nearly upon us and even on Christmas Eve itself, our main focus predominantly lies on cleaning and preparing delightful dishes. We aim for everything to go flawlessly; however, it’s ultimately more important to focus on spending time with family. Delays or disruptions are generally unwelcome.

A potential risk often faced during this time involves frying fish while wearing festive attire and performing this task in a spotlessly cleaned kitchen. It's a common fact that fat tends to spatter while frying. However, this can be avoided. All it takes is a simple technique that has been handed down generations. Perhaps your grandmother already shared it with you?

Key guidelines for frying fish

What's the correct way to fry fish? Initially, place it on adequately heated oil which should ideally cover the entire pan. Secondly, ensure that the flame is not too high. Lastly, the fish should only be flipped once, preferably after 5-7 minutes, depending on its size to prevent it from breaking apart.

Salt comes to the rescue

The aforementioned points are considered as "side" tips. The main issue at hand here is to prevent grease from splattering. Bear in mind that it is the presence of water that causes this situation. Therefore, prior to frying, ensure the pan is properly dried, and the fish is thoroughly blotted using a paper towel. Avoid using a lid as water can accumulate on it and drip directly into the oil, causing it to stir automatically.

What if these basic guidelines do not suffice? In such cases, we suggest a handy tip - sprinkle a bit of salt on the surface of the pan. This will help you keep your kitchen tidy and your clothes stain-free.

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