Tips&TricksSay goodbye to funky fridge smells with these 7 homemade hacks

Say goodbye to funky fridge smells with these 7 homemade hacks

Home odor absorber
Home odor absorber
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1:03 PM EDT, April 13, 2024

Are you tired of battling bad smells in your refrigerator or frustrated that food quickly adopts the aroma of other dishes? We have effective solutions for you. Discover seven homemade odour absorbers to eliminate unwelcome smells in your fridge!

An odour absorber is a must-have in any household. Despite keeping your space clean and tidy, unpleasant smells can still emerge. So, if your fridge or cabinet emits a stinking scent, you need a homemade odour absorber. Here's a list of seven items that will effectively neutralize bad smells in your fridge.

How can you remove unpleasant smells from the fridge with a homemade solution?

A foul smell in the fridge is a common nuisance. While various commercial odour absorbers are available, they often fall short of expectations or come with a hefty price tag. We have some excellent recommendations if you're seeking a budget-friendly, homemade method to banish those fridge odours.

#1 Activated Charcoal

Our first suggestion involves activated charcoal. Begin by preparing five charcoal tablets. Crush the tablets to powder form and pour the mixture into a shot glass. Placing the glass on a shelf in your fridge will effectively tackle the smells. All the unpleasant odours should now be a thing of the past.

#2 Lemon

Another reliable method to combat fridge odours involves using a lemon. Peel a lemon and place the peels in a jar. After situating the jar in the fridge, those nasty smells should vanish. Orange peels work well, too!

#3 Coffee

Still struggling with fridge odours? Coffee can help. Fill a jar with coffee beans and put it in your fridge. This method is guaranteed to be effective.

#4 Lemon + Cloves

If you're fond of winter tea's aroma, lemon with cloves can be an excellent odour absorber. Cut a lemon into thick slices and insert cloves into them. Place these lemon slices on a piece of foil in your fridge for a pleasant scent.

#5 Eggshells

Try using eggshells. Crush the eggshells into almost a powder, transfer this to a jar, and place it on the side shelf of your fridge. This method is surprisingly effective.

#6 Cat Litter

Here's a tip that cat owners might find particularly handy: a little bit of cat litter in a jar in the fridge can effectively absorb unwanted smells.

#7 Baking Soda

The final suggestion for a homemade odour absorber is baking soda. Just a few spoons of baking soda in a jar placed in your fridge can make a significant difference. Do you have any personal tricks for eliminating bad smells in the fridge?

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