FoodSatisfy Your Sweet Tooth with This No-Bake Strawberry Sensation

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with This No‑Bake Strawberry Sensation

No-bake strawberry cake is worth the sin
No-bake strawberry cake is worth the sin
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4:22 PM EDT, April 9, 2024

A light and fluffy strawberry cake is perfect for your Sunday afternoon spread. Making this dessert is a breeze, and the outcome is nothing short of spectacular, especially for those with a sweet tooth and a penchant for no-bake delights. Don't miss out on trying this recipe.

This no-bake cake offers a delightful fusion of tastes. The combination of creamy strawberry and sweet ladyfingers is a match made in heaven. The simplicity of the recipe is what makes this cake a summer staple for me, especially when strawberries are in their prime.

While numerous no-bake cake variants exist, the combination of ladyfingers with various custard creams tends to steal the show. However, it's worthwhile to explore other options like mousses, jellies, or whipped creams, which are equally delicious, require no baking, and look quite impressive.

Strawberry cake without baking is the perfect summer dessert.
Strawberry cake without baking is the perfect summer dessert.© Pixabay

The traditional recipe features a delectable, fluffy mixture layered with ladyfingers soaked in sweetened condensed milk. If store-bought cookies aren't your thing, consider making homemade ladyfingers. You can also swap strawberries for raspberries to put a twist on the classic dessert.

Strawberry No-bake Cake Recipe


- 2 packages of long ladyfingers (approx. 4.94 ounces each),
- 15.87 ounces (3 packages) of vanilla homogenized cheese,
- 17.64 ounces of cold mascarpone cheese,
- 10.58 ounces of strawberries,
- 2-3 tablespoons of powdered sugar,
- 3 level tablespoons (0.88-1.06 ounces) of gelatin,
- About 2.71 fluid ounces of hot water,
- 5.29 ounces of unsweetened condensed milk,
- 2.82-3.53 ounces of white chocolate.


1. Dissolve the gelatin in warm water, stirring until fully dissolved. Set aside for a short period.
2. Puree the strawberries, then transfer them to a pot and gently heat. Add the gelatin and stir well. Avoid boiling.
3. Soak the ladyfingers in condensed milk and arrange them at the bottom of your pan.
4. In a separate bowl, mix the cold mascarpone cheese, then incorporate the vanilla cheese, blending thoroughly.
5. Add the strawberry and gelatin mixture to the cheese mixture and stir swiftly. Sweeten with powdered sugar if needed.
6. Layer half of this mixture over the ladyfingers. Follow with another layer of soaked ladyfingers and the remaining cream. Smooth the top with a damp spoon and finish with a sprinkle of grated white chocolate.
7. Refrigerate the cake for a minimum of 3 hours to allow it to set.
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