LifestyleSatisfy your sweet tooth healthily with easy-to-make millet pudding

Satisfy your sweet tooth healthily with easy-to-make millet pudding

Millet pudding will satisfy the craving for sweets.
Millet pudding will satisfy the craving for sweets.
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4:38 PM EST, November 8, 2023

Do you crave something sweet but fear reaching for sugary snacks or cookies? Delve into your kitchen cabinets; there's likely a super-healthy product there. When properly prepared, it can make a fabulous dessert.

Millet pudding; delicious, healthy, and easy-to-make should not just be limited to your child's meals. It effectively satisfies cravings for sweets, works well as a filling breakfast, or a quick snack. From this base, you can create numerous variations of the dish - such as adding nuts, fruits, sauces, or syrups.

Is millet pudding healthy? Here's why you should be eating it

The main ingredient of millet pudding is, of course, millet. This product is a source of easily digestible protein which plays a key role in building and regenerating muscles, skin, hair, and nails. Furthermore, protein is crucial for the proper functioning of immune and hormonal systems. Millet has a low glycemic index, which implies that it won't rapidly increase blood sugar levels or lead to insulin spikes.

Millet pudding is easily digestible and safe for those with sensitive digestive systems. Thanks to the content of B vitamins, it supports the nervous system, enhancing memory, concentration, and overall mood. Moreover, millet is alkaline, helping to neutralize acidity in the body and cleanse it of toxins.

There are many ways to serve millet pudding, depending on your preferences and needs. It can be made with cow's milk or plant-based milk, and different flavors can be added. Fresh or dried fruits, nuts or peanut butter, as well as cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, or honey are all perfect additions.

How to make millet pudding?


Millet groats are a source of protein.
Millet groats are a source of protein.© Canva | white_crows_nest
  • 2.1 oz of dry millet,
  • 12.5 fl oz milk (cow's or plant-based),
  • A pinch of salt,
  • Optional extras: banana, peanut butter, nuts, dried plums.


  1. Rinse the millet thoroughly in a sieve with warm water.
  2. Transfer the millet to a saucepan and pour in 1 cup (8.5 fl oz) of the milk. Add a pinch of salt.
  3. Simmer everything on low heat, covered, until the millet absorbs all the liquid. This will take about 15 minutes.
  4. Add the rest of the milk to the prepared millet and blend everything into a smooth paste. If you prefer, you can heat the milk beforehand. For additional sweetness, blend the pudding with pre-soaked dried plums or a banana.
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