FoodSatisfy Your Cravings with Savory Chicken and Cheese Crepes Recipe

Satisfy Your Cravings with Savory Chicken and Cheese Crepes Recipe

Satisfy Your Cravings with Savory Chicken and Cheese Crepes Recipe

7:19 AM EDT, March 19, 2024

Discover the savory delight of crepes filled with shredded chicken and cheese. While crepes are often considered a sweet treat, this savory variant is undoubtedly worth your attention. Dive into today's recipe featuring sumptuous crepes filled with tender shredded chicken tucked under a golden cheese topping.

Creating savory crepes with shredded chicken and cheese

Typically, crepes bring to mind fillings like cottage cheese or jam. However, sometimes, we crave something different from the sweetness of lunch or the commonality of a savory dinner. This craving led to the creation of a special recipe in the Deliciousness kitchen: crepes with shredded chicken and cheese.

A filling of chicken, corn, cream cheese, and parsley promises a flavorsome experience that satisfies the heartiest appetites.

Consider preparing extra crepes. Enjoy them with sweet fillings for breakfast or dessert, and venture into savory realms with options like tomato or minced meat for dinner.

Preparing the batter for savory crepes

The batter for savory crepes follows a similar recipe to the sweet classic, with a simple twist: replace sugar with a pinch of salt.

Our trusted crepe batter mix: 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of milk, 3/4 cup of sparkling water, 2 eggs, and a pinch of salt. This formula guarantees crepes that are both delicious and pliable.


What you'll need for crepes with shredded chicken and cheese:

  1. 3 chicken breasts (oven-baked)
  2. 7 oz of cream cheese
  3. A bunch of parsley
  4. 10 cherry tomatoes
  5. 5.3 oz of canned corn
  6. 6 crepes
  7. 6 slices of yellow cheese

Creating a mouthwatering filling is straightforward. Begin by shredding the oven-baked chicken breasts into smaller pieces using two forks, then transfer to a bowl. Add in chopped parsley, halved cherry tomatoes, and corn. Mix thoroughly with the cream cheese—Lumpy or Your Flavor works well.

Feel free to season the filling to taste with spices such as salt, pepper, sweet, or hot paprika. Adding chopped zucchini or bell pepper can also enhance the filling.

Wrapping and baking your crepes

Place the filling in the center of each crepe, folding as depicted in the accompanying image. This ensures the filling remains inside for a more convenient eating experience later on.

Baking time for crepes with shredded chicken and cheese. Arrange the folded crepes in a baking dish, topping each with cream cheese and slices of yellow cheese. Bake for 20 minutes at 356 degrees Fahrenheit. Feel free to substitute with any cheese of your liking, even grated chunk cheese.

Once baked, serve the crepes warm, perhaps accompanied by a light salad dressed in vinaigrette sauce—an irresistible lunch option!

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