LifestyleSardinian beach opens to naturist weddings by the seaside

Sardinian beach opens to naturist weddings by the seaside

The coast of Sardinia delights with its views.
The coast of Sardinia delights with its views.
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4:03 PM EDT, May 28, 2024

Is Benas Beach in Sardinia, Italy, has long attracted naturists. The authorities have decided to go a step further and make this paradise spot available for naked weddings. "If people want to marry nude, they can," says Luigi Tedeschi, mayor of the nearby town of San Vero Milis.

Benas, located on the southwestern coast of Sardinia, has been attracting nude sunbathers for years. It has been officially designated a nude beach since 2022.

Sardinian beach as a venue for naked weddings

Now, the authorities have announced a plan to designate a section of this coastline for naturist weddings.

Luigi Tedeschi, mayor of San Vero Milis, remarked that, following the official opening of the nude beach in 2022, weddings seemed the next logical step.

Tedeschi told CNN that the authorities decided to make it available for naked weddings when a German couple wrote to the office asking whether it would be possible to get married on the beach without clothes.

"Nudity has nothing to do with sex. For [naturists] it's a philosophy of life, and is linked to nature," emphasizes the mayor. "We have this beach, a place that lends itself brilliantly to naturism. And then we thought, let's make a beach for weddings. If people want to marry nude, they can."

CNN highlights that there have been no complaints from the 2,500 residents of the nearby town.

Tedeschi joked that the only dilemma is whether the mayor should be dressed or wear only a decorative sash during the ceremony.

There were reports that brides would still have to wear veils, but Tedeschi denied this. "People can wear whatever they want," he emphasized.

The mayor said that organizing naturist weddings on the beach is part of a larger initiative to provide more space for naturists on the Italian island.

According to "The Times," Gabriele Rosetti, head of the Italian Naturist Federation, supported the proposal. He stated that Italy is ready for naturist beach weddings but added that other European countries are far ahead of Italy in this area.

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