TechSamsung Galaxy S24 leads the way with an impressive 7-year tech support policy

Samsung Galaxy S24 leads the way with an impressive 7‑year tech support policy

Samsung introduces 7-year support for its smartphones.
Samsung introduces 7-year support for its smartphones.
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9:46 PM EST, January 28, 2024, updated: 4:43 AM EST, March 7, 2024

What unique selling point will make the Galaxy S24 smartphones superior? Opinions differ, but many commentators emphasize the newly revised update policy.

During the launch of the Galaxy S24 and shortly after, both the manufacturer and certain media segments focused disproportionately on the incredible potential of employing sophisticated artificial intelligence; however, once the initial excitement died down, the focus shifted to more standard elements. Conversations among users on social media worth mentioning touched on the reintroduction of Exynos processors (Qualcomm Snapdragon processors dominated the prior Galaxy S23 series) and an extended period of tech support.

Seven-year support for the Samsung S24

Modern flagships' specifications enable them to be useful for many years. Nevertheless, due to the end of tech support, many users opt to upgrade their phones more frequently. Android device manufacturers have struggled for years to match Apple's long duration of iOS updates. But recently, this scenario began to change. Beginning last year, we've noticed a definite shift and a new trend that Samsung is also adopting. The Galaxy S24 series stands out with an impressive seven-year support package. Initially, they come with Android 14, and users can update their devices to Android 21.

"Samsung's latest flagship product underscores the company's dedication to extend the life cycle of its products. It provides users seven generations of operating system updates and seven years of security support. This will permit users to rely on and optimize the Galaxy device's performance for an extended period," explains Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S24 is not the first to provide this feature

We should mention that Samsung has already differentiated itself from its competitors by offering up to five years of updates on its flagship models (four years for new Android iterations and an extra year for security patches). However, the Korean firm is not the innovator in seven-year tech support. Last year, Google pledged similar support for the latest models in their Pixel 8 series.

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