EntertainmentSam Mendes to direct a four-part series on The Beatles

Sam Mendes to direct a four-part series on The Beatles

Has Sam Mendes chosen The Beatles for the movie?
Has Sam Mendes chosen The Beatles for the movie?
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1:29 PM EDT, June 7, 2024

Some time ago, information emerged about Sam Mendes's upcoming films, which present the story of The Beatles from the individual perspectives of each band member.

Four very talented actors will help him in this ambitious task. According to industry insider Jeff Schneider, Sam Mendes has already chosen four actors to portray Paul, Ringo, John, and George.

Are these the actors playing the Beatles?

Paul Mescal, the star of the upcoming Gladiator 2 and the award-winning Aftersun, will play Paul McCartney. Barry Keoghan, from Eternals and The Banshees of Inisherin, will portray Ringo Starr. Harris Dickinson, who starred in Triangle of Sadness, will reportedly play John Lennon, while George Harrison will be played by Charlie Rowe, who previously appeared in Rocketman.

Unfortunately, we will still have to wait for the official cast confirmation. What we can be sure of, as is usually the case with such productions, is controversy and opposition from fans who will have their vision of how their idols should look in the film.

Charlie Rowe is going to play George Harrison.
Charlie Rowe is going to play George Harrison.© Instagram
Harris Dickinson to play John Lennon?
Harris Dickinson to play John Lennon?© Instagram
Barry Keoghan is supposedly going to play Ringo Starr.
Barry Keoghan is supposedly going to play Ringo Starr.© Instagram
Paul Mescal to play Paul McCartney?
Paul Mescal to play Paul McCartney?© Instagram

What do we know about The Beatles' biographical films?

As mentioned, the entire project is very ambitious. Sam Mendes is preparing four separate films, each focusing on a different member of the legendary group. The director's vision includes four equally important intertwined stories to convey best each member of The Beatles' emotional state and point of view. We do not know if a fifth production is planned that would somehow tie all the key threads together.

Sony chief Tom Rothman announced that shooting for the Beatles films should begin in mid-2025. All four films are planned for 2027, and we expect that they will likely be released several months apart.

The Beatles during the concert.
The Beatles during the concert.© Getty Images | Universal History Archive
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