Tips&TricksSafely defrost your car's icy windows. Top tips and a cool TikTok trick revealed

Safely defrost your car's icy windows. Top tips and a cool TikTok trick revealed

Just one trick is enough for frozen windows to not be a problem.
Just one trick is enough for frozen windows to not be a problem.
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4:49 PM EST, December 12, 2023

Learn how to utilize lukewarm water in a plastic bag to expedite the process and circumvent protracted scrapping of the windows. We'll also delve into why employing hot water is potentially hazardous and the repercussions that can result from its use. Explore this foolproof trick to render your winter mornings less taxing and safer.

How to scrape frozen windows quickly?

Frozen car windows become commonplace during chilly days. Efficient and quick ice removal from windows is paramount for safe driving. For your convenience, here are some tried-and-true methods:

  1. Use a dedicated scraper and defroster: Window scrapers are indispensable, and defrosters can notably expedite the process. Opt for scrapers with a comfortable handle to simplify the task.
  2. Start the engine and switch on the heating: Initiating the car and turning the heating function on helps defrost the front window more swiftly.
  3. Employ a solution of alcohol and water: Spritzing a solution of isopropyl alcohol and water in a 2:1 ratio on the window can promptly melt the ice.
  4. Install car window covers: To preempt the issue, use a cover on your front window overnight.
  5. Use a credit card in emergencies: In the absence of a scraper, a credit card can function as a makeshift tool. However, exercise caution to avoid damaging it.

Ensure to periodically verify the state of the wipers and the winter windshield washer fluid, which doesn't freeze in sub-zero temperatures.

An easy TikTok trick for frozen windows - what’s the procedure?

TikToker Chloe Mart demonstrated a practical method to swiftly defrost car windows which is particularly beneficial for morning exits. Her approach is as follows:

  1. Fill a plastic bag with lukewarm water: Chloe demonstrates that filling up a plastic bag with lukewarm tap water effectively melts the ice on the window.
  2. Apply the bag to the window: Gently moving the bag across the glass results in prompt melting of the ice.
  3. Avoid using hot water: It's crucial to refrain from using hot water since it could cause the window to crack due to thermal shock.
  4. A warning from professionals: RAC Spokesman, Rod Dennis, advises that using warm water can cause the window to crack due to the temperature differential.
  5. The costly aftermath: Mending a cracked window can prove quite costly, illustrating the importance of heeding this counsel.
From now on, scraping windows will become much easier.
From now on, scraping windows will become much easier.© Canva | LianeM

With the knowledge of this trick, you can expect to clear snow off your car in an easier and more convenient fashion. Frozen windows should no longer pose a hurdle for you.

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