LifestyleSafari thrill: Tourists' close encounter with silverback gorilla in Rwanda sparks online buzz

Safari thrill: Tourists' close encounter with silverback gorilla in Rwanda sparks online buzz

The safari participants had a close encounter with a silverback gorilla.
The safari participants had a close encounter with a silverback gorilla.
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6:24 AM EST, January 23, 2024

The Instagram account camscott_wild has shared details of this memorable safari in Rwanda, which is located in Central-East Africa. The images and video content published offer a rare glimpse of tourists having an exceptionally close interaction with a silverback gorilla.

Tourists in close proximity to a gorilla during their safari

The video reveals a small group of tourists in the heart of the African jungle, awaiting an exciting event. Such thrilling moments of proximity to wildlife are what safari goers profoundly anticipate. On this occasion, the tourists were incredibly fortunate to witness such an imposing creature up close.

Emerging mere inches from a group member, the majestic silverback gorilla appeared from the foliage. The animal was so close that the boy seated nearest had to move back to clear the gorilla's path. The tourists were shocked and slightly terrified by the gorilla's immediate presence.

"A moment my guests will never forget! At just a few yards' distance, a large Silverback Mountain Gorilla appears, showcasing its mighty yet graceful charm," reads the caption accompanying the footage.

Why are the safari-goers wearing masks?

In a separate video from the same excursion, the gorilla flexes before disappearing into the jungle. Comments like "What if someone accidentally touched him?" and "One-way ticket to heaven" aroused laughter among internet users. Silverback male gorillas can stand at heights of up to six-and-a-half feet and weigh over 440 pounds.

Interestingly, the wearing of masks by the safari group sparked considerable curiosity. It was more of a talking point than the sheer grandeur of the animal itself.

Specialists swiftly explained, indicating that safety is the primary concern. "Humans and gorillas share 98% of their DNA, meaning infectious diseases, including the flu, can easily be transmitted between the two species. We wear masks for the safety of both the humans and the gorillas," came one insightful comment under the post.

Source: Daily Mail

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