EntertainmentSabrina Carpenter's album cover sparks controversy over plagiarism

Sabrina Carpenter's album cover sparks controversy over plagiarism

Sabrina Carpenter has been accused of plagiarism
Sabrina Carpenter has been accused of plagiarism
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8:02 AM EDT, June 6, 2024

Sabrina Carpenter announced the release of her new album "Short n' Sweet." Although fans are thrilled, the promotional photo for the album has sparked controversy. According to many, the former Disney Channel star committed plagiarism. Is the evidence clear?

The buzz around Sabrina Carpenter is at its peak. The star supported Taylor Swift, and unofficial sources claim she is dating Barry Keoghan. Each of her new songs has become a hit, so it’s no surprise that the singer decided to seize the momentum and release another album. Although the album is unavailable in stores, it has generated immense interest, especially after the hit single "Espresso."

Did Sabrina Carpenter copy a model?

On the cover of the album "Short n' Sweet," Sabrina Carpenter poses against a blue background. Her shoulder blade is adorned with a red lipstick mark. The photo fits the singer and the music she releases well, but sharp-eyed observers noticed potential plagiarism. This is a severe issue.

The photo that Sabrina Carpenter or someone responsible for the album cover might have been inspired by comes from the Instagram of French model Tiffany Collier. The image was posted on February 14, 2018, for Valentine's Day and was previously used in a photo shoot promoting SPF creams in the 2015 issue of "Cosmopolitan France." The photos of Tiffany and Sabrina are almost identical, making it hard to call it a coincidence or a case of similar artistic vision from the photographers.

Fans outraged by Sabrina Carpenter's photo

The internet is buzzing. Under Tiffany's post, one commenter wrote, "Sabrina Carpenter stole this photo for her album cover." Another user on X added, "In this case, she rightfully got accused... Sabrina didn't even change the background; she just copied everything as is... Oh wait, the lipstick is a different shade."

However, there are also voices defending Sabrina Carpenter. Some emphasize that the author of both photos is the same photographer, Bruno Juminer. Sabrina did not tag the photographer, making it hard to confirm this information. Fans of the artist added on X: "Her new era is inspired by a retro summer aesthetic, and that's inspiration from that time and era. She never claimed to have been the original creator of this photo."

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