EntertainmentSabrina Carpenter sets the record straight on her sexuality

Sabrina Carpenter sets the record straight on her sexuality

Sabrina Carpenter commented on her provocative songs
Sabrina Carpenter commented on her provocative songs
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8:03 PM EDT, June 21, 2024

Sabrina Carpenter is currently one of the most popular young singers. She has numerous concerts to her credit, during which she performs bold songs. Now, the singer has addressed misconceptions about her sexuality.

Teen stars of the Disney Channel are growing up, which not everyone likes. Demi Lovato has focused on music, Miley Cyrus has already experienced a troubled marriage that led to the creation of the hit "Flowers". Selena Gomez is gaining enormous popularity thanks to the Rare Beauty cosmetics brand. Sabrina Carpenter has also found her path, fulfilling herself as a singer. She has to her credit, among other things, supporting Taylor Swift and controversies related to filming a music video in a church.

Is there one thing Sabrina Carpenter doesn't want?

At the end of her hit song "Nonsense," Sabrina Carpenter sings a few lines referring to the place where she is performing. These fragments are often erotically charged, which causes controversy. Some fans support the artist, who builds her image on the canvas of a Lolita-like figure who hobbyistically breaks the hearts of poor boys. Opponents of the former Disney Channel star accuse her of being vulgar and negatively influencing the teenagers who listen to her.

Journalists from Vanity Fair invited Sabrina Carpenter to paint a self-portrait. During the creation of the painting, the artist was asked, among other things, whether there was any public opinion about herself that she disagreed with. Carpenter admitted that in the past year she had heard multiple times that she must be the most sexually hyped girl ever living in the world because of the lyrics of her songs.

Sabrina Carpenter stated that although she says crazy things from the stage, her level of sexual needs is average. So, it looks like it's time again to draw a thick line between the creativity of artists and their private lives and personalities.

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