NewsRussia's strategic assault on Ukraine: targeting defense, drones and missiles

Russia's strategic assault on Ukraine: targeting defense, drones and missiles

Launch of the Russian S-300 missile system
Launch of the Russian S-300 missile system
Images source: © Defense Express | The Economist
8:52 AM EST, December 31, 2023

Russia effected the most massive missile attack on Ukraine since the start of the war on Friday, deploying at least 110 cruise missiles. The attack resulted in the death of 40 individuals, with over 100 sustaining injuries.

Were "Defense" Structures the Target?

However, an "Economist" source from Ukraine's defense industry suggests that despite the casualties, the Russians' principal objective was to dismantle the "defense facilities" and those related to drone and missile production.

A mysterious informer told the English weekly, "The assaults carried huge strategic importance for the enemy, geared towards curtailing our drone and missile strike capability." They stressed that all parties to the war "strive to deplete enemy's long-range strike capabilities," adding, "It's a contest to see who can destroy the enemy's long-range armament the most."

Zelensky: We haven't retreated in any direction

On Saturday, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky maintained that throughout the past year, the Ukrainian troops "haven't retreated in any direction in the ongoing defense war against Russia."

President Zelensky affirmed, "We continue to work as a unified team." He further stated, "We evaluated combat operations and made necessary decisions. We assessed our accomplishments and areas needing improvement." He said, "This year, Ukraine regained control of the sea and made the skies safer."

During the meeting, Zelensky also discussed Ukraine's military strategy for 2024 with the commanders. As per the Interfax-Ukraine agency, confrontations with Russian forces have mainly been happening in the south and east of Ukraine in the recent months of the current year.

Source: The Economist / PAP

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