TechRussia's "Stalker" robot trials demining operations in Donbas

Russia's "Stalker" robot trials demining operations in Donbas

Stalker - illustrative picture
Stalker - illustrative picture
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6:21 PM EDT, April 8, 2024

The Russian armed forces have conducted tests with a 66,138-pound robot, known as Stalker, in the occupied territories of Donbas. The trials of this demining robot were reported by the Unian agency on Monday, referencing information from the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Developed by the Russian company DST-Ural, Stalker is a remotely controlled tracked vehicle equipped with a specialized mine-clearing apparatus. This feature enables it to remove both anti-personnel and anti-tank mines concealed up to about 11.8 inches underground.

Stalker undergoes testing in Ukraine

The robot's operation is handled through a specific console, managed by a pilot located from 0.6 to 1.9 miles away, depending on various conditions like radio interference. Equipped with four cameras, Stalker transmits live footage back to the command center, offering operators a comprehensive view for efficient control.

Powered by a 540 horsepower engine, Stalker can reach speeds up to about 6.2 miles per hour. However, its speed diminishes to around 3.1 miles per hour while engaging the mine-clearing device, highlighting the complexity of demining tasks, even for an advanced robot.

According to Russian media, the robot is undergoing testing near a highway leading to Avdiivka, a location suspected of being mined.

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