NewsRussia's secret weapon: 1.6 million missiles from North Korea

Russia's secret weapon: 1.6 million missiles from North Korea

Agreement between Russia and Korea. Alarming information for Ukraine
Agreement between Russia and Korea. Alarming information for Ukraine
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10:58 AM EDT, June 23, 2024

According to The Washington Post, Russia may have already received 1.6 million missiles from North Korea for the war in Ukraine over the past six months.

The media is still abuzz with the cooperation between Russia and North Korea. As highlighted by the independent portal Meduza, the agreement includes declarations of readiness for mutual combat and the actual delivery of hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of missiles for attacks on Ukraine.

According to the latest information provided by "The Washington Post," North Korea might have already delivered 1.6 million artillery shells to Russia from August 2023 to January 2024.

Such a conclusion can be drawn from data obtained by the non-profit organization C4ADS, dealing with global security issues, from an anonymous source in a Russian transport and logistics company.

According to C4ADS, during this period, 82,000 tons of cargo were delivered from two port cities in the Russian Far East to 16 settlements in the western Russian Federation on the border with Ukraine. At the destination, these cargos were marked as "ammunition."

Although North Korea is not directly identified as the country of origin of these cargoes, their departure from port cities in the Far East coincides with the arrival of ships coming from North Korea.

The article notes that this is significant indirect evidence of ammunition deliveries from North Korea to Russia, which has been frequently discussed in the West.

Will North Korea join the war?

It is not entirely clear whether the agreement with North Korea means that Pyongyang is ready to openly join the war on the side of the Russian Federation or whether this is even possible.

Let us recall that Russian President Vladimir Putin visited North Korea on June 18-19, signing an agreement during the visit for a "comprehensive partnership." This document forms the formal basis for ammunition supplies from North Korea to Russia.

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