NewsRussia's secret biological weapons program sparks global concern

Russia's secret biological weapons program sparks global concern

Putin wants new weapons. Americans reveal their findings.
Putin wants new weapons. Americans reveal their findings.

11:58 AM EDT, June 13, 2024

Russia is developing new offensive biological weapons. Such actions by the Kremlin constitute a violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993. To cover their tracks, the Kremlin continues to disseminate false claims and disinformation about biological weapon labs in Ukraine.

Russia, like the Soviet Union before it, has promoted false claims about biological weapons for decades, trying to create distrust in public health institutions that counter biological threats.

Since February 24, 2022, the intensity of Russian propaganda and disinformation regarding biological weapons has increased. This way, the Putin regime aims to divert attention from the invasion of Ukraine and decrease international support for Kyiv, according to

Russia itself is also working on new biological weapons. According to information obtained by Americans, the Kremlin has not abandoned attempts to get new weapons, even though such actions violate the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention. It was signed in Paris in 1993.

Russia is reportedly using Africa for its research, according to, a Russian biological laboratory is located in the Bossangoa hospital complex in the Ouam Prefecture, Central African Republic.

There are more alarming signals. As recalls, in September 2017, the Interfax agency reported that Vietnam was increasing deliveries of monkeys to Russia, presumably to facilitate experiments on these animals.

The tender fully matched the research specification announced on August 7, 2017, by the Central Research Institute of Microbiology of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Biological weapons: Russians don't let experts in

According to reports, there is considerable evidence that work is being conducted in Russia on pathogens dangerous to human health and life, which could be used as biological weapons. No Western experts have been allowed into laboratories in three cities (Kirov, Sergiev Posad, and Yekaterinburg) since the end of the Cold War.

In recent months, the Kremlin has created particular websites, run by Russian intelligence, featuring opinions from "experts" made to talk about the alleged threat related to Ukraine and biological weapons. All this aims to justify their work on these weapons.

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