TechRussia's neighbor made the decision. New battle forces are coming to Europe

Russia's neighbor made the decision. New battle forces are coming to Europe

Otokar's ARMA vehicle
Otokar's ARMA vehicle
Images source: © Otokar

3:01 PM EDT, October 19, 2023

The Estonian authorities have made their final decision and signed contracts for the delivery of armored carriers for their army. Over the next two years, the Baltic country is to strengthen itself with as many as 230 machines. We know exactly what armored carriers are involved.

Information about Tallinn's plans related to the purchase of this type of equipment has been appearing for a long time. A few days ago it was announced that the choice was made for equipment from Turkey, but details were promised to be introduced only after the official signing of documents. It turns out that the winners of the tender, in which a total of nine companies from six countries participated, were Nurol Makina and Otokar.

Estonia has chosen Turkish armored vehicles

The value of the order is approx. 237 million dollars. The contracts include 230 armored carriers, of which 100 will come from Nurol Makina plants, and the rest from Otokar company production lines. The contracts provide for the possible purchase of additional units and spare parts if the Estonian authorities express such a need. It is also possible to order services related to maintenance, repair, and vehicle development.

The first machines are set to appear in Estonia as early as next year. Besides meeting the specified criteria, companies interested in the contract had to commit to quick deliveries.

- Ensuring the protection of the Estonian soldier in a dangerous situation is a top priority for us. Considering the current situation, in our conditions when ordering, it was important that the first machines reached Estonia as quickly as possible - said Karmo Saar from the Estonian Defense Investment Center

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Estonia chose 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles

Nurol Makina will supply light armored NMS 4x4 vehicles that are just under 16 feet long. Their weight is about 11 short tons. Up to nine people can fit inside. The driver is capable of reaching speeds up to about 87 mph and can overcome vertical obstacles up to about 1.6 feet in the terrain. An important feature of these vehicles is their V-shaped hull and protection not only from gunfire but also from mines.

The Otokar Arma units are more well known. In this case, we're talking about 6x6 drivetrain variants. These are heavier, more heavily armored vehicles, which can weigh over approximately 19.8 tons (in standard, it can be even larger after additional modifications). They are nearly 21.3 feet long, provide good ballistic (STANAG 4569 level II) and anti-mine protection, a range of about 434.9 miles and a maximum speed of approximately 65.2 mph. They can accommodate up to 10 people and can also move through water.

Both carriers are configurable in several elements, including the range of armaments. Estonia has requested that they come standard with smoke grenade launchers and heavy machine guns cal. .50 in.

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