TechRussia's frontline game-changer: 'Sania', the new anti-drone system meant to outwit enemy UAVs

Russia's frontline game-changer: 'Sania', the new anti-drone system meant to outwit enemy UAVs

T-80BWM Tank with the Sania system
T-80BWM Tank with the Sania system
Images source: © Defense Express
7:52 AM EST, January 15, 2024

The Defense Express portal reported that Russian state media has announced the introduction of the new anti-drone system, Sania, mounted on their tanks. Supporting this statement is a video released by the Russian Ministry of Defense featuring a T-80BWM tank, likely from the 9th Motorized Infantry Brigade and Army Corps, which shows a series of antennas above the turret.

The actions of the Russians underscore the importance of vehicle upgrades in the current climate, aiming to heighten crew survivability amidst escalating drone attacks. Until now, protective cages have been expected to be mounted on the tops of vehicles on the front line (from both sides of the conflict) to guard against overhead attacks. Photos from the front lines also regularly feature protective cages around vehicle hulls.

Spotting the Sania system on a Russian tank

The T-80BWM tank, showcased in the Russian Ministry of Defense's video, ranks amongst Russia's most advanced warfare machinery. Following an upgrade in 2017, the tanks were equipped with a modern Sosna-U fire control system. The T-80BWM also features a modified 2A46M-4 gun with a cod-loaded automatic feeder adapted for Świeniec-2 missiles.

It's unsurprising then that Russia introduced the new anti-drone system on one of their most valuable pieces of war machinery. What can likely be expected is the future installation of this weapon on other tanks.

The aforementioned electronic warfare system, Sania, developed by the Russian company 3mx, comprises two devices. The first scans the area for drone activity, while the second is responsible for jamming their signals. The system operates continuously, scanning the area with a range of approximately 0.93 miles.

Upon detecting a drone, the standby jammer immediately neutralizes drones up to around 0.62 miles away, causing the unmanned aerial vehicles to lose contact with their pilots and either crash or return to base. The Sania system can function in either stationary or mobile mode. The latter option allows the system to be installed on tanks and cars or armored carriers, ensuring effective protection against drone strikes.

Russian anti-drone system Sanya - see it in action in the recording

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