NewsRussia's Energy Ministry pushes for higher tariffs and lower consumption

Russia's Energy Ministry pushes for higher tariffs and lower consumption

Russians must start saving energy.
Russians must start saving energy.
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3:53 AM EDT, March 26, 2024
The Russian Ministry of Energy is promoting a shift away from low tariffs and urging citizens to reduce their energy consumption, including turning off appliances during specific periods.
The Ministry is actively seeking to engage Russians in a program aimed at curbing the demand for electricity, as reported by the newspaper "Kommersant" based on documents it accessed.
The initiative calls for conservation efforts from the public, notably in turning off appliances at designated times. The objective, as outlined by the Ministry of Energy, is to mitigate strain on the power grid by lowering consumption peaks.
Implementing this strategy requires transitioning to the pricing structure used by commercial enterprises, which are on average 34 percent more expensive than the regulated tariffs presently afforded to the general populace.

Despite the Ministry's intentions to move away from lower tariffs by introducing special incentives, as "Kommersant" highlights, analysts are sceptical about the financial viability of such an approach for consumers.

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