TechRussia's Black Sea fleet in peril: Marine "kamikaze" drones from Ukraine forces shake up Putin's power

Russia's Black Sea fleet in peril: Marine "kamikaze" drones from Ukraine forces shake up Putin's power

Russian exercises on the Black Sea
Russian exercises on the Black Sea
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12:46 PM EST, January 8, 2024

The Black Sea holds significant importance in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The powerful Black Sea Fleet, which is associated with Putin's regime, initially appeared invincible. However, over time, Ukraine has begun to inflict heavy losses on it primarily through the use of drones and unmanned boats. This makes Russia's exercises involving these same military units unsurprising.

The Sea Baby, a type of unmanned boat also known as a marine drone, has particularly troubled the Russians. These machines are often referred to as the nemesis of the Black Sea Fleet and the Crimean Bridge.

Originally, they were designed to carry warheads weighing about 440 lbs and up to 882 lbs. But the latest versions of these marine drones can transport up to 1874 lbs of explosives. The design also includes jet thrusters, a mast with an observation warhead equipped with cameras, a laser rangefinder for measuring distance, and systems for communication and navigation.

In addition to successful assaults on the Crimean Bridge, the Sea Baby marine drones have played a key role in eliminating several Russian units. This includes the Project 22160 ships, of which Russia only possesses four. Ukrainian marine 'kamikaze' drones have also targeted the Admiral Makarov frigate and Project 775's "Oleniegorski Miner" landing ship.

The Ukrainians' successful operations have forced the Russians to seek a new base for their remaining ships operating in the Black Sea. The majority are likely to be stationed at the Abkhazia base, located in a disputed region of Georgia.

Ukraine holds high expectations for other related developments. The most advanced currently in the pipeline is the MAGURA V5, or Maritime Autonomous Guard Unmanned Robotic Apparatus. This 18-foot-long machine can reach a top speed of 48 mph and has a payload capacity of up to 705 lbs, of which around 440 lbs can be combat load. The MAGURA V5 can cover a distance of up to 497 miles at a time.

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