NewsRussians unwittingly reveal positions

Russians unwittingly reveal positions

The Russians revealed the positions of the military. Ukraine immediately took advantage of this.
The Russians revealed the positions of the military. Ukraine immediately took advantage of this.
Images source: © Telegram

3:57 PM EST, November 22, 2023

"Another instance of heedless behavior displayed by Russian volunteers," commented one Russian military blogger. He outlined how a group of Russians delivering humanitarian aid to soldiers embroiled in the fight in Ukraine unwittingly revealed their location, giving the defenders of Kyiv a clear advantage.

"Yet another instance of recklessness among our volunteers. Some of us reveal our soldiers' positions to capture a good picture. Such carelessness is then punished with immediate attacks. This is unacceptable" - commented the Russian military blogger on Telegram while reporting on recent events in the war in Ukraine.

Russians disclose military positions, Ukraine exploits this information immediately

The Russian blogger detailed an incident where volunteers supplied soldiers on the front line. The volunteers posted images and videos of the goods being unloaded on the internet, inadvertently aiding the Ukrainian military operations.

"I contacted the guys. They were indeed in the disclosed positions. Our opposition later thanked the volunteers online for revealing their whereabouts," the blogger from Russia added.

The Russian blogger pointed out that Ukraine's efficient intelligence, thanks to modern tech and equipment assistance from NATO countries, uses drones and satellites to "reveal concentrations of equipment and personnel,"

Ukraine is also keeping tabs on the behavior of volunteers supporting front-line fighters. "They are monitoring all communication channels and chats on the network," he added.

"Never snap pictures that could potentially reveal our position," the blogger cautioned, citing a photo taken against a gas station as an example. "Pictures should be taken against a foliage background or a brick wall. Then the enemy won't be able to ascertain our location or how many soldiers are present," he elaborates.

The photos Russian volunteers share feature Kreminna—an eastern Ukrainian city in the Luhansk region. Upon discovering the invaders' gathering point, Kyiv promptly dispatched drones and artillery, causing casualties and equipment losses among the invaders.

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