NewsRussians issue warning to Finland, referring to it as the "country of their elite"

Russians issue warning to Finland, referring to it as the "country of their elite"

Mardan is attacking the government in Helsinki.
Mardan is attacking the government in Helsinki.
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8:45 PM EST, November 21, 2023

In their latest move, Russian propagandists are once again casting ominous predictions for Western countries. This time, Finland is in the spotlight. Sergey Mardan publicly voiced that Finland serves as a significant hub for the elites of Petersburg. Adding to the rhetoric, the same propagandist alluded to the return of the Iron Curtain.

Russians seem to struggle with Finland's deliberate distancing from them. The Nordic country has recently shifted from its previous stance of neutrality towards Moscow.

Among various actions, Finland joined NATO and restricted access to Russian citizens at its borders. These moves have stirred frustration in the Kremlin, evident by the outpouring of propaganda from pro-Putin activists.

Propagandists target Finland

Speaking about the "act of disobedience" and the "grave repercussions of their actions", Sergey Mardan and others have criticized the Helsinki government.

What Finland is doing now is not akin to the previous actions of the Baltic countries or Poland. There is absolutely no correlation. The Finns once again stand at the edge of the metaphorical Iron Curtain, states the Russian propagandist.

Mardan further asserts that closing the border will significantly affect the lives of both Russians and Finns." He argues that trading with Finland held considerable importance for residents of both Petersburg and Helsinki.

Simultaneously, he issues a veiled threat of potential military actions against Finland.

We will start building up our forces on the border. We'll display our power, warns the radio presenter from Komsomolskaya Pravda.

It's not the first time that Russian propagandists have targeted Finland. The initial brunt of the open attack occurred when Finland decided to accede to NATO.

The recent spark for Russian propagandist attention is Finland's closure of four of the eight border crossings with Russia. According to Finnish authorities, these border crossings have experienced heightened illegal immigration, seemingly facilitated by Russian border guards.

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