NewsRussians hunt for Nazis in Ukraine, while one serves in their own army

Russians hunt for Nazis in Ukraine, while one serves in their own army

Michail Turkanow serves in the Russian army, he does not hide his Nazi views.
Michail Turkanow serves in the Russian army, he does not hide his Nazi views.
Images source: © Telegram
1:53 PM EST, December 2, 2023

Accusing the Kyiv government of being "Nazis", the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine, a claim readily churned out by Kremlin propaganda. However, there seems to be an absence of Nazis in Ukraine, while in stark contrast, they are present within the Russian army. An example of this is Mikhail Turkanov, otherwise known as "Pitbull", who makes no attempt to hide his admiration for Adolf Hitler. Despite his extremist views, he is lauded rather than arrested by his commanding officers.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, seeking to eliminate so-called "Nazis", a term that Russian President Vladimir Putin has frequently invoked. This rhetoric was wielded as a justification to assault their neighbor, igniting a brutal war that claimed lives each day. However, the anticipated Nazis remain elusive to the Russians.

Perhaps the absence of Nazis in Ukraine is due to their presence in the Russian army instead. You'll find individuals like Mikhail Turkanov, also known as "Pitbull". Turkanov openly expressed his admiration for Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. He is not just an ordinary soldier - he recently received a medal and was recognized by netizens as a known neo-Nazi and MMA fighter in Russia.

In a video shared on Telegram by the Russian army, Mikhail Turkanov is seen accepting an award from Deputy Chief Vladimir Stepanovich Alexeyev of the Main Staff of the General Staff. The commander of the "Espanola" battalion's assault company received the Order of Courage, second class.

Online users were quick to recognize and identify him. He's a well-known MMA fighter, a CSKA Moscow fan, and a neo-Nazi in Russia. In older photos, Turkanov is seen proudly showing off his tattooed swastikas, a symbol revered by today's neo-Nazis. The Russian army need only look within its ranks to find the Nazis they claim to be hunting.

There are many more soldiers like "Pitbull" in Russia, originating from hooligan groups and upholding such Nazi beliefs. Their number could run into hundreds.

CSKA Moscow hooligans, a group always linked with the Red Army and Russian military, were among the first to rally, sending a volunteer unit to Ukraine as early as 2014. With the full-scale invasion underway, the "Espanola" battalion routinely sees action at the front, under the command of Stanislav Orlov, known as "Spaniard".

Another hooligan-fuelled unit, the "Moscow" battalion, is on the battlefield. This unit comprises fans of Spartak, Dynamo, or Krylya Sovetov Samara. These rival hooligans set aside their differences during the war to fight for "Mother Russia". Their dedication, engagement, and usefulness have not been lost on the Kremlin. Intelligence agencies like FSB and GRU have infiltrated the groups, making them work for their services.

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