NewsRussians humiliated the Hungarian President. You have to see this

Russians humiliated the Hungarian President. You have to see this

They humiliated Orban. There's a recording.
They humiliated Orban. There's a recording.
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1:16 PM EDT, October 19, 2023

Andras Racz, a Hungarian analyst who specializes in studying Russian politics, assessed that the Russians humiliated the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, by publishing a recording of their Tuesday meeting in Beijing. In the video, Orban appears to be clearly agitated, which Racz sees as a significant humiliation for the Hungarian politician.

Racz pointed out on his Facebook profile that after Orban's meeting with Putin, the Russians published a video in which the Hungarian Prime Minister looked very nervous. "Orban is restless, shivering slightly, he can't sit still even for a second" - Racz noticed. The analyst said that this video is not beneficial for Orban's image.

Racz is of the opinion that the Kremlin wanted to show both its citizens and the world that relations between Russia and Hungary are decidedly dominated by Moscow. According to him, the Hungarian prime minister is the weaker party here. "Partners who respect each other do not publish such things about themselves," Racz added.

Orban - Putin Meeting

The spokesperson for the Hungarian politician announced that Prime Minister Orban held bilateral talks with Putin in Beijing on Tuesday. During his meeting with Putin, Orban emphasized that Hungary has never sought confrontation with Russia, but rather aims to forge close relations. "We strive to maintain bilateral ties despite broader international tensions," Orban added.

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