TechRussians have already lost newly acquired equipment, barely after leaving the factory

Russians have already lost newly acquired equipment, barely after leaving the factory

"Destroyed Plastun-SN"
"Destroyed Plastun-SN"
Images source: © X | @front_ukrainian
8:22 AM EST, November 23, 2023

The Russian Federation's army recently came into possession of 14 Plastun-SN off-road vehicles. Now, the first photo that verified the destruction of this machinery has come up on the internet. Russians have identified it to be an M-113 transporter belonging to the Ukrainian army. We bring you a reminder of the new Russian Plastun-SN's specifications.

As reported by Defense Express, the Russian vehicle was destroyed in the Zaporizhia region; the specific location is yet to be known. However, it's confirmed that the photo represents the first officially documented loss of these relatively new vehicles of the assailant's army. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced in October that 14 Plastun-SN vehicles from a batch of 50 were delivered to the army.

The Special Purpose Plastun-SN Vehicles

The Plastun-SN off-road vehicles were developed especially for the Russian army. They have a "special purpose" - which is what the "SN" in the name implies when translated from Russian. The Plastuns were designed primarily as evacuation vehicles, but their uniqueness deviates from today's standards and makes them an easy target even on distant frontlines.

Firstly, the Plastun-SN is an open-frame vehicle. This implies it has mild armor, but its top part is exposed and only covered with a tarp. Given the increasing prevalence of air strikes, this type of design significantly reduces the vehicle's resilience against fire coming from above.

The mobility of these vehicles, primarily targeted at evacuating wounded soldiers, is another crucial factor. The Plastun-SN boosts a

1.6 L gasoline engine from Lada - as reported by the Army Recognition portal. The engine produces nearly 100 horsepower and can reach a peak speed of 31 mph, though the suggested speed stands at 18 mph. This vehicle weighs roughly 4.2 tons and can manage slopes and inclines of up to 30 degrees. The Plastun-SN is also built to overcome water obstacles and boasts the presence of a winch.

Regarding the combat abilities of the Russian equipment, one of the variants can be outfitted with an 82 mm mortar. Thus, it's designed as an artillery support vehicle. During the Army-2023 forum, the Russians also showcased a model with a telescoping mast and observation devices. Such a model is intended to perform on the front line as a reconnaissance vehicle.

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