NewsRussians face a tough challenge. US government kept its word to Ukraine

Russians face a tough challenge. US government kept its word to Ukraine

31 Abrams tanks from the USA have already arrived in Ukraine, they will soon go into battle.
31 Abrams tanks from the USA have already arrived in Ukraine, they will soon go into battle.
Images source: © US Army | US Army
7:01 AM EDT, October 18, 2023

All the M1A1 Abrams tanks promised by the Americans are already in Ukraine and will soon be on the front lines. The machines are ready for battle, just like the tank crews, who have been training for months in Germany and the USA. The Russians are preparing for tough times on the battlefield, that's almost certain. The Abrams might be the best tanks in the world.

According to the US Army, all 31 heavy M1A1 Abrams tanks promised to Kyiv by the administration of President Joe Biden have already arrived in Ukraine. Colonel Martin O'Donnell, spokesperson for the US Army in Europe and Africa, also added that all Ukrainian tankers, who have been learning to operate Abrams in the USA and Germany for months, have also returned to their country.

And this, along with ammunition and spare parts for M1A1 Abrams tanks.

The first shipment of M1A1 Abrams tanks from the USA arrived in Ukraine at the end of September. Now, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are preparing to send these machines to the frontlines, where they will be very helpful in the still ongoing counter-offensive. The Ukrainian Armed Forces will also be able to use them for the defense of areas that the Russians are trying to capture.

Representatives of the ZSU claim that it might take some time before the Abrams tanks are dispatched to the battlefield. Consultations are ongoing as to exactly where to use the tanks to get the best effect in combat against Russian forces. And to ensure they are not lost before an opportunity for total liberation of the country arises.

We have held up our part of the agreement. From this moment, it is up to the Ukrainians to determine when and where they will send tanks into battle - said Colonel Martin O'Donnell.

The delivery happened faster than initially estimated and in a timeframe that allowed for potential use of the machines in the final weeks of Kiev's counteroffensive.

The American promise to deliver M1A1 Abrams tanks at the beginning of the year coincided with commitments from European countries to supply German Leopard 2 tanks. The authorities in Berlin, who did not want to approve the aid package without a similar commitment from the United States, rallied them for a long time. The Americans were quickly persuaded.

But it was the United Kingdom that was the first country to agree to send Western tanks to Ukraine,turning over its Challenger 2 tanks in January of this year. These performed excellently in battle, the Ukrainians praise them highly. Just like the Leopards, which dominate over the Russian machines. And let's not even start on the Abrams, considered the best heavy tanks in the world.

Ukraine has requested hundreds of Western tanks to aid in the success of the spring offensive. So far, they have received significantly fewer, but they have still benefited from Western support. However, to drive out the Russians from their lands and to defeat them on the battlefield, further reinforcements will be needed.

Winter is just around the corner, and the Ukrainian forces have still not achieved a decisive breakthrough on the battlefield. Progress is being made on the southern front (Zaporizhia), and successful maneuvers are taking place in the vicinity of Bakhmut. They also managed to repel the Russians' counterattacks in Kupiansk and Avdiivka, where intense fighting is still ongoing. The lack of a breakthrough on the Russian lines is causing concern among Kyiv's supporters and raises questions about the future of international support.

Since the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the United States has provided security assistance to the authorities in Kyiv valued at about $44 billion. This aid has tangible effects, the Russians have not taken the capital and for more than a year they have been retreating. If successful, perhaps the aggressor will be defeated in 2024, and the war will come to an end.

For now, the Russians are facing a trial by fire in a confrontation with Abrams tanks, which they fear. Moscow even claimed that US tanks will not perform well in the east because they allegedly can't fight in the climate in Ukraine. However, these claims have not been confirmed by Western experts. They can even handle the cold, that's more than certain.

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