TechRussians discover a drone at the beach

Russians discover a drone at the beach

"MAGURA V5 on the beach"
"MAGURA V5 on the beach"
Images source: © X, Clash Report

9:22 AM EST, November 24, 2023

A MAGURA V5 drone was discovered on a Crimean beach. The Russians did not damage it, but it likely fell into their possession due to a navigation system failure. The drone comes from the latest Ukrainian designs and will undoubtedly be closely scrutinized by the finders. There's a substantial chance that this incident might lead to the development of more effective countermeasures against such drones.

Images of the MAGURA V5, or the Maritime Autonomous Guard Unmanned Robotic Apparatus, were released by the Russians and rapidly spread across popular social media platforms. The photos are clear enough to confirm the type of equipment that was found. A brief account indicates the drone made an unplanned landing somewhere on the Crimean Peninsula's western coast.

MAGURA V5 drone washed up on shore

The location is unsurprising. MAGURA V5 drones frequently patrol over the Black Sea, even becoming a significant concern for the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Videos reveal them tracking Russian warship movements.

The MAGURA V5 is a rather large unit, with a length of approximately 18 feet. It can reach speeds of up to 42 knots (48 mph) and has a payload capacity of 705 lbs, of which around 441 lbs could consist of a warhead. Such a quantity of explosives can cause substantial damage to targets. In one trip, the MAGURA V5 can travel a distance of up to 497 miles.

The Ukrainian developers have highlighted the high maneuverability of the MAGURA V5. They employed numerous strategies to conceive of the device not simply as a kamikaze drone but also a device for observation, identification, and search missions.

The MAGURA V5 had previously gained attention from major news outlets, which stated that the drone notably reduces the mobility of Russian vessels.

This instance marks only the second time a MAGURA V5 has fallen into Russian control. The Ukrainian Military portal reports that one of the cameras is missing in the images shared by the Russians, but additional antennas are visible. This occurrence indicates that possibly a newer, updated version of the Ukrainian drone ended up on the shore.

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