NewsRussians deny Putin's hand in Navalny's death, point blame at US: Insights from a street poll

Russians deny Putin's hand in Navalny's death, point blame at US: Insights from a street poll

They asked the Russians about Nawalny's death. These are the answers they heard.
They asked the Russians about Nawalny's death. These are the answers they heard.
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9:01 PM EST, February 19, 2024

A street-side poll asked Russians whether Vladimir Putin should be held responsible for Alexei Navalny's death. Their responses powerfully suggest the prevalent influence of Russian propaganda throughout the nation.

"Putin is in no way culpable for Navalny's death. Absolutely not. That's my viewpoint. Can't you see how the West is opposing us? For them, every Russian is an enemy, even a fool can see that," a Russian man passionately insists.

Many others shared the sentiment. An older woman emphatically articulated the innocence of Russia's president.

"Putin? What has he got to do with this? People blame him for everything," the woman explains. The interviewer pointed out that it was Putin who imprisoned Navalny. "Putin is not guilty," the Russian woman firmly maintains.

A young Russian man offers a different perspective, hinting at a possible connection between the United States, often portrayed as enemy number one in Russian media, and Navalny's demise.

"It certainly wasn't Putin. The American intelligence did it, trying to put all the blame on our country - we hear."

An additional individual claimed unfamiliarity with Navalny, but proceeded to express contempt for him, calling him a troublemaker who caused mass confusion.

"I don't know who Navalny is, but I believe Putin is a good man. Putin already has his hands full. Navalny was a troubled individual," a Russian woman stated.

Alexei Navalny passed away in the penal colony

On Friday, February 16, the Federal Prison Service of Russia officially announced the sudden death of Navalny at Penal Colony No. 3, located in Kharpa, beyond the Arctic Circle in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. The report stated that the oppositionist "fell ill after a walk and lost consciousness almost immediately." Prison services insist that Navalny died despite receiving immediate medical attention and urgent resuscitation efforts.

Alexei Navalny is survived by his two children, 23-year-old Dasha (Daria - ed.) and 16-year-old Zachary. His older offspring is currently a law student at Stanford University, California, unafraid - much like her parents - to articulate her views.

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