NewsRussians delight in American decision: "How much can one feed?"

Russians delight in American decision: "How much can one feed?"

The Russians are pleased with the blocking of military aid for Ukraine, which comes from the USA.
The Russians are pleased with the blocking of military aid for Ukraine, which comes from the USA.
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4:19 PM EST, December 8, 2023

Russian propagandists have shown great enthusiasm for the decision by the U.S. Senate, which blocked the law on military and financial aid for Ukraine. "Good job, Republicans!" the guests on state television say, referring to Kyiv as a "beast that devours the American defense budget." In Moscow, it's clear that they're hoping for a Republican victory in the upcoming presidential elections.

It's important to note that many reports supplied by Russian media and government officials may be untrue. Such information could be part of an information warfare strategy implemented by the Russian Federation.

The Russian propagandists have gratefully accepted the U.S. Senate's decision on Wednesday, which blocked multibillion-dollar military aid for Ukraine and Israel. The Biden administration had requested $110 billion in support for Kyiv and Tel Aviv, which would have provided new equipment and ammunition for Ukraine. This is a cause for celebration for the Russians.

On state television, the Republicans are being praised and the idea that Ukraine might be left without funds is met with satisfaction. No one on-air made playful or metaphorical comments. The Russians are blatantly hoping that Republicans will cut off Kyiv's support, thus easing their path to victory in the war. There's also hope that Donald Trump will win the next presidential election, as he is being endorsed by them.

However, the U.S. isn't done talking, the aid package may yet be sent to the East.

For your information, the fate of another aid package for Ukraine, currently fighting an aggressor, was decided on Wednesday via a Senate vote in the U.S. The Republicans' votes were decisive, and the law was ultimately rejected. The tally was 49 senators in favor and 51 against.

As many as 60 "yes" votes were required in the 100-member U.S. Senate.

In Moscow, they are closely observing the U.S. situation and have dedicated a propaganda program on state television to analyze what's unfolding. There's significant happiness around the possibility of Ukraine not receiving the necessary military aid. This opportunity might give Russians the chance to gain leverage on the frontline and potentially win the war. This is the moment Putin and his followers have been waiting for.

The President of the Scientific-Historical Research Foundation, and a military expert, had harsh words about the Ukraine support. "The West finds itself facing a dilemma: is it worth continuing to feed this beast? Or rather this glutton, which devours a quarter of the annual U.S. defense budget. For how long?" pondered Alexey Anpilogov.

As it's well known, Western support for Kyiv deeply upsets Moscow, and even the Ukrainians admit that it's only thanks to this support that they're able to effectively resist the invasion. They still need this support to halt and push the Russians back to the east. Currently, the hope in Russia is that the fatigue from the ongoing conflict will become so great that Ukraine will be left alone.

They are also eager to see how the situation in the U.S. evolves, where Republicans are apparently aligning with Vladimir Putin's plans.

Russian state TV is pleased with Republicans for blocking aid to Ukraine

"So far, the Republicans have done a commendable job! They aren't backing down, which is beneficial for us. Keep it up," said propagandist Olga Skabayeva.

On the other hand, Joe Biden and his administration are still trying to discover ways to aid the Ukrainians. "We cannot let Putin win. If he seizes Ukraine, he won't stop there, he'll attack one of the NATO countries," stated the U.S. President. He also assured that he is open to compromises with the Republicans, provided that it offers assistance to Ukraine.

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