TechRussians begin construction. Preparations for a heavy strike

Russians begin construction. Preparations for a heavy strike

Shahed-136 Drones
Shahed-136 Drones
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3:58 PM EST, November 14, 2023

Construction is currently underway in Russia on a sophisticated factory primarily intended for the industrial-scale manufacture of kamikaze drones, Shahed-136. Iran originally designed these advanced drones. This development was shared by Reuters, a worldwide news agency, on Monday. According to reports, Moscow intends to utilize these drones to launch strikes against Ukrainian energy facilities.

Evidence of the factory's construction has been found in satellite imagery, scrupulously examined and described in a report by the American Institute of Science and National Security (ISIS). As per the analysis by this eminent think tank, the building currently being erected is situated approximately 497 miles east of Moscow, in the Tatarstan region. Its purpose is to mass-produce Shahed-136 drones.

The ISIS report observed that neither the United States nor its allies had moved to place sanctions on the factory proprietor, JSC Alabuga, or any companies with ties to it. The report stressed that a critical yet belated move Washington needs to make is to impose sanctions on the factory owner and the affiliated companies.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, urged his country to gear up for potential Russian assaults on their energy infrastructure on Sunday. Russia consistently targeted Ukrainian energy infrastructure during the past winter.

The Shahed-136 Drones in Russia

The complete specifications of the Iranian Shahed-136 drones are yet to be disclosed. However, it is well-known that these drones are routinely utilized by Russia, for instance, in swarm attacks. Certain sources claim that the Shahed-136 has a reach extending over 1,242 miles, though the actual range is estimated to be approximately half this figure, around 621 miles.

A single drone measures about 11.5 feet in length and has an 8.2-foot wingspan. The drone's engine, a Limbach L550E, generates 67 HP, propelling the vehicle to top speeds of 115 mph. The drone's warhead, which weighs up to 88 lbs, is designed for the effective destruction of targets. The estimated cost of a single Shahed-136 crewless aircraft is around $20,000.

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