NewsRussians attempt to surround Ukrainians before December 14

Russians attempt to surround Ukrainians before December 14

Russian equipment under Avdiivka
Russian equipment under Avdiivka
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5:56 PM EST, December 10, 2023

Major Oleksiy Hetman reported on Espresso TV that Russian forces are attempting to surround the Ukrainian army near Avdiivka.

The veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war observed that the invaders were conducting military operations by attacking from the east, north, and south.

"The invaders have reportedly received missiles from North Korea and are actively utilizing their rocket systems. The Russians are attempting to destroy the roads we must maintain to transport ammunition and other essentials for combat," he stated.

"The front line is constantly changing, albeit slightly. We've observed 40,000 Russian soldiers near Avdiivka," the Major noticed.

"A troop group of 40,000 can be considered an army. In comparison, it's at least 10 times larger than our garrison there. However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have seized beneficial positions and are proficiently managing the defense," he added.

Earlier reports suggested that the Russian army is preparing its third assault on Avdiivka, hoping to seize control by New Year's Eve. However, officers of the Russian Armed Forces aren't optimistic about victory.

Ukrainian military sources disclosed that reserves of Storm-Z units, including former prisoners, and mobilized soldiers are being redeployed toward the Avdiivka area. Unfortunately, they are inadequately prepared and face food shortages.

Target of intense attacks

Since about October, Avdiivka in the Donetsk region has been the epicenter of the direst attacks. Independent Russian media reports suggest that Russian commanders intend to seize the city before December 14, in time for Russia's dictator, Vladimir Putin's, annual teleconference with citizens.

An alternate deadline is the end of 2023. They aim to announce a Russian victory and create grounds for pressuring Kyiv and initiating negotiations. These details were shared by the portal, Important Stories.

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